What Lead Me To Prison–Small Doctor

For some weeks now, tongues have been waging that popular singer; Small Doctor was once a prison inmate.

In a recent interview with the rave of the moment artiste, he described such talks as laughable. He used the opportunity to state why he went to prison.

The ‘Penalty’ singer said, “It is true that I was a bus conductor and a commercial motorcyclist. I also hawked sachet water but I thank God for the gift of life now because I am one of the most sought-after artistes at the moment.

I just feel that there is no limitation to what anybody can achieve in life. Those locked up in prisons are human beings too and that is not the end of their lives, so I decided to reach out to them. Also, my colleague, Lamboginny, reached out to me and said he wished we should go to the prison and perform for them, so I gladly agreed.

I have never been a prisoner and I laughed when I learnt that people thought I was once an inmate because of this gesture. I just feel we should always put a smile on the faces of other people regardless of any situation they are facing in life.”

The singer told Saturday Beats that ever since he attained fame, his mother’s advice to him was to ensure that he only comes home late at night. “My mother is a teacher but she is very publicity-shy.

She has never been a socialite and even those that live around her only know her as a landlady and not Small Doctor’s mother, simply because she is publicity-shy.

She always tells me to make sure I don’t come to the house in the afternoon but at midnight. She is just a private person. However, I would have loved a little spotlight to shine on her because she has done so much and she is the best mom in the world,” he said.

It seems to be the best man at Oristefemi’s wedding has got the singer thinking about marriage as he told Saturday Beats that he could tie the knot soon. “I don’t think I have enough money to get married but it would come at the perfect time.

Definitely, I would love to get married soon and when it happens, it would be all over town that Small Doctor is getting married. When it is time, the world would know. Anytime from now, the miracle would happen and I would get married,” he said.

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