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    Towards Maturity benchmark shows just how much we’ve got stuck

    January 21, 2018. 0 Comments

    Last week I attended a preview of this year’s Towards Maturity benchmark results, due for public release on November 5th (you can register for the launch webinar...Continue Reading

    Time for a clearout of urban myths

    January 21, 2018. 0 Comments

      At the time of writing, I am on my to speak at the  eLearning Network’s annual conference in London. While I am looking forward to sharing...Continue Reading

    The four responsibilities of the learning professional

    January 21, 2018. 0 Comments

    I have been lucky in my job to spend time with many hundreds of learning and development practitioners over the past ten years or so,...Continue Reading

    Skills: The last frontier for digital learning

    January 21, 2018. 0 Comments

    I’ll cut straight to the point. To most learners and most learning professionals, digital learning is a way to meet requirements for knowledge. Even in...Continue Reading

    Why micro-learning works for me

    January 21, 2018. 0 Comments

    Over the past twelve months, micro-learning has quietly worked itself into my daily routine. Absolutely every day (I’m on a 360-day streak), I practise my...Continue Reading

    The changing skill set of the learning professional

    January 21, 2018. 0 Comments

    Skills define us. They are what make us useful and productive. They are the foundation of our achievements. On our death bed, it is our...Continue Reading

    Adding the human touch to digital learning content

    January 21, 2018. 0 Comments

    Learning is a very human experience. To learn successfully, it requires us as human beings to exchange information, give and receive feedback, share perspectives, engage together in practical...Continue Reading

    E-learning ain’t what it used to be

    January 21, 2018. 0 Comments

    The interactive self-study lesson that we commonly refer to as an e-learning module has a very long history, going back to the late 1970s and...Continue Reading

    Six common micro-learning myths

    January 21, 2018. 0 Comments

    Micro-learning can justifiably be accused of being the latest digital learning bandwagon, here today, gone tomorrow. Real cynics might regard it as just another way...Continue Reading

    Life Insurance for a Family of One

    January 9, 2018. 0 Comments

    We spend a lot of time talking about how couples, families and businesses can protect their financial futures with life insurance. But what about if...Continue Reading
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